Three Paper Crafting Tools I Didn’t Know I Needed….

I’ve got lots of paper crafting tools….and then lots more! Whenever something new comes out, I’m skeptical, but most times I eventually cave in and give the new guy a try. Sometimes I’m disappointed – but let me show you three situations where I was NOT disappointed at all!

Spectrum Noir Ultra Smooth Premium White Cardstock

I have tried so many things for coloring with my alcohol ink markers. I am no pro at the coloring part, as I’m just learning how to color with blend-able markers. I’ve tried lots of different types of paper – photo paper, Yupo, Manga artist paper…the list goes on and on, but I just couldn’t get it quite right. While I was in AC Moore recently, I noticed that Spectrum Noir has put out their own paper specifically for use with alcohol ink markers, so on a whim, I picked up a pack. This paper is a dream for beginning alcohol ink marker colorists. The colors blend so easily, and they don’t stay wet on top of the paper like with Yupo or photo paper. I used it in my design team inspiration recently for the Papercraft Business Challenge (check back on Sept 1 to see my blog post about it.) and I can’t wait to play some more! While you can purchase it locally (I found it at AC Moore) I’m not quite certain about other craft stores, but it is readily available on Amazon.

JPNK Oval Foundation Brushes

I love to play with my distress inks, and was excited when I saw that there were tools other than the distress daubers to use! Don’t get me wrong, my distress ink dauber has seen lots of ink, and it gets the job done, however, getting the right look was iffy sometimes, and those sponges get worn out pretty quickly. These brushes apply the ink like buttah! There are several brands and price ranges out there, but I chose to go with a cheap set I found on Amazon before investing in a more pricey one. I will probably use these until they wear out (if they do) and then purchase a more quality set, however for the time being, these get the job done at a reasonable investment. I may even order a second set.

Mr. Hobnob Teflon Bone Folder

Who really NEEDS another bone folder? I have about 7 or 8, with one being my absolute favorite – I thought – until I purchased this Teflon bone folder on Amazon. I thought for sure it couldn’t be as amazing as everyone said it was – BUT IT IS! This thing is a work horse for sure, and it creases so smoothly and wonderfully that you will wonder why you didn’t purchase one sooner.

DISCLAIMER – I have not been compensated in any way to review these products, they are just several things I have picked up over the last few months that have made crafting easier for me, so I wanted to share them with my crafty friends. (That’s you guys!)

So tell me in the comments below, what’s YOUR favorite product to craft with? Have you discovered any new ones lately that have made your life easier?

Published by Bean Street Paper

I am an avid, self taught crafter. I make many things from candles and soaps to paper crafts, to man eating plants! I am an Army wife and mother, and a veteran. I am a barista at my very own coffee shop. I am active in animal rescue (and have 7 furkids of my own from these adventures!). I love the beach, I LOVE Halloween and fall, and I love coffee. I have been urged by friends and family to share my talents with the world, so here I go!

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