The County Fair

My mushroom diamond painting won 1st place!!

Our county fair has just started, and I was challenged to enter something this year. I have never entered anything in a fair, so this was a first for me. I procrastinated until the last minute, and then decided what I was going to enter. When I was younger I was a competitive equestrian, but the thought of entering something that I poured my heart into at this middle age made me a bit squeamish. Nevertheless, I did it. I entered a total of four items in four classes, and I was waiting outside last night when the fair opened to see how I fared. All in all, not too badly! I managed a blue ribbon and two third place ribbons. I’m hooked, it’s so much fun!

I want to encourage everyone of my crafty friends to enter something in the fair. It truly is exciting! Now…..where is my entry form for the state fair? πŸ˜‰

I’m thinking about doing a bunch of these ornaments this year.
I admit, he’s a little unconventional….but he’s cute right?

Published by Bean Street Paper

I am an avid, self taught crafter. I make many things from candles and soaps to paper crafts, to man eating plants! I am an Army wife and mother, and a veteran. I am a barista at my very own coffee shop. I am active in animal rescue (and have 7 furkids of my own from these adventures!). I love the beach, I LOVE Halloween and fall, and I love coffee. I have been urged by friends and family to share my talents with the world, so here I go!

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